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Obedience Training For All Dogs

The time is now for the public to understand that obedience training is not just for pure bred show dogs or those dogs used for services like police work, public service, and military missions.   If fact, it is surprising that so many owners of mixed-breed dogs feel that their dog isn’t “good enough” or […]

Dig Your Dog, Don’t Let Your Dog Dig

Puppies love to dig! It’s in their blood and it is quite often their favorite pastime. This is especially true for young puppies that stem from the sporting group, the terrier group, and the Nordic group.   Digging is also a dog’s way of relieving stress and “letting it all out” so to speak. If […]

7 Steps To House Train Your New Puppy (Part 2)

Housetraining your puppy is about to get real easy, so long as you are following these seven simple steps to success. That means that you have already purchased the right dog crate, perhaps a baby gate in the process, and have picked out the perfect potty spot (preferably in your back yard).   Step Three: […]

7 Steps To House Train Your New Puppy (Part 1)

Puppies are cuddly, cute and adorable – and at times, extremely gross! You know what I am talking about – when your little darling suddenly presents you with a puddle or pile of urine or feces on your good carpet, it doesn’t seem quite so darling then, does it?   Don’t feel guilty: It’s tough […]

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