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Effective Crate Training Tips

Effective Crate Training Tips:

Dogs process information differently than do humans; do not make the mistake of presuming they do. This sort of unrealistic expectation on your part will leave both you and your dog unhappy. Read this article for some great ways to treat your new dog so that training can take place.

  • The key to successful crate training with a new canine is making sure they understand that it is their home. Leave the crate door open and place food inside of it when it’s time to eat. This will help them associate good food to the crate.


  • There are a few tricks you can try when attempting to crate train a puppy or dog. Place a treat inside the crate and shut its gate in front of your dog. The dog will smell the bone and want to go racing into the crate to eat it. Once they go in the crate, praise them so that they know they did well.


  • Gradual increments are easiest on your dog when going through crate training. First, put them inside with the door still open. When they get used to that, close the gate and give them a treat they like. Start off with small periods, for example 10 seconds or so, and gradually increase crate time. If the dog shows signs of distress, you may be progressing too quickly.


  • Keep your dog calm when you enter the room. You should make sure they are calm when you come into the house or in the room that they are in. If you do not recognize them right away, they will be more calm and less anxious to exit his/her crate.


  • Give your puppy his own special toys that he can chew while in his crate. Find toys specifically for heavy chewers to help alleviate pain due to teething, which may help him to be less anxious while in his crate. A frozen washcloth is a great way to help your pup ease his teething pain.


After learning some helpful hints on how to crate train your dog your next step is to simply follow through with what you have learned. After changing your dogs attitude and mind about his crate he will become more accustomed to staying in it. 

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