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From Misbehaved To Trained: Tips For Training Your Dog

Do not let your dog decide where you go for a walk. Remember to keep your dog well-behaved when you go for walks. This article will provide you with the essential dog training knowledge that every dog owner should have in their brain.

  • Commands and corrections should be short and straight to the point. Never ramble on about the dog’s failures. Firmly say no and redirect them. Your tone should be stern to let them know you are serious.

  • Provide your puppy with his own chew toys to alleviate the pain of teething, and try to keep other items out of reach. Give it one of his toys instead. A wet frozen washcloth is great for a puppy, who has teething pain, to chew on.
  • Never tie two or more dogs in close vicinity to one another. Their chains could get tangled up and as they struggle to get free; there is a good chance the dogs can get injured. Particularly in the case of a large dog and a small dog, the animals may get so tangled that the smaller dog has his airway cut off and dies.
  • To achieve the best results when housebreaking a pet, be aware of the food and water he consumes. If you want your puppy to relieve himself with regularity, keep the diet regular too, like feeding him good food two or three times daily at consistent intervals. This will get your dog into a solid routine for bathroom breaks.
  • You need to teach your puppy how to leave an item alone with a simple command such as “leave it.” This little command will save your furniture and possessions from getting chewed up, plus it keeps your dog away from dangerous or unclean items outside.

  • If your dog is a jumper, squeeze his paws when he jumps on you to let him know he cannot do this any longer. This does not hurt the dog if you do it lightly, but it is an uncomfortable feeling for them. They should learn to stop jumping because they don’t like the reaction they get.
  • Continue training your dog throughout its life to make sure that its good behavior persists. Just because a dog becomes more mature doesn’t mean it cannot learn new things. If you reinforce good behavior, your dog will be obedient, and he will stop being negative as long as he is being disciplined.
  • Giving praise to your dog for a job well done is important. Smile at your dog and give them treats to reinforce good behavior. Do not reward unwanted behavior.
  • Is your dog getting its ideal diet? A bad diet can really change the behavior of even the best dogs. Find out what type of nutrition your dog’s breed requires and adjust his diet accordingly; doing this will help your dog maintain his energy level. Ask for your vet’s advice in regards to proper dog nutrition.
  • While it may be hard, you need to always be patient with your dog. Your dog isn’t fluent in English after all. Physical gestures and tone are the only ways he will know what you are trying to communicate. If you find you are getting frustrated to the point where you cannot stay calm, take a break from training.

  • You need to practice having your dog come to you. Your dog should return to your side at all times under all conditions. Training your dog in small increments will help him to obey no matter what else is going on. You might just save your canine’s life some day because of recall, so never skip or pass on training this, regardless of what it takes to get it done.
  • It is best to guide your dog to the correct behavior, rather than punish bad behavior. If your dog does not follow the correct behavior, instead of punishing him, gently teach him what to do instead. Training sessions are a time to bond with your pet, and instead of instilling fear in your dog, the process should result in a positive and loving relationship.

If you don’t have the knowledge that is need when trying to train a dog, you may be on your last straw with your four legged family member. Thankfully, the advice provided in the above article contains all you need to effectively train your dog so that he or she can be a great addition to your family.

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