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Training Tips And Secrets For The Beginner

Training Tips And Secrets For The Beginner

Your dog is an important part of your family and it is important that you figure out the proper way to train it. This article sheds some light on simple training tips that you will find useful in training your dog. The more you are willing to learn about training your pet, the better your results will be.

  • When you are working on crate training with your dog or puppy small steps is what works best for them to get used to it. When they’ve settled down with the gate open, slowly shut it and pass treats through the gate. Leave them in for short periods of time, as little as 10 seconds. Work up from there. If your dog becomes restless, you may be ramping up too quickly.

  • Don’t allow your dog to jump on you when you get home. It’s always great to to be playful and upbeat, but a calm environment is ideal when you first enter a room. When you enter the room, ignore excessive agitation on your dog’s part. By ignoring the behavior, you will extinguish it.

  • If you have to keep your dogs outside, never tie them up too close to one another. The dogs chains could get tangled up and cause harm to the dogs as they struggle to get free. For example, a large dog could tangle the chain with a smaller dog, wrapping the chain around the neck of the small dog, causing it to die.

  • Disciplined leash walking is very important in dog training. This is important for both the dog’s safety, and your own.


Now that you have read these tips, you can feel a little more confident about getting started on training your dog. When you utilize what you’ve learned, you won’t struggle with training. Simple advice can go a long way.

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